Customer Service Training

Customer service training for companies who want to create a stronger service culture that builds loyal relationships with their customers and a better environment for their employees.

Welcome to The Customer Focus website. The workshops and seminars focus on customer service training, and were created to help develop a mindset dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service to both external and internal customers. A by-product of this customer service training program is that it helps build employee loyalty and a better working environment.

The fundamental purpose of a business is to get and keep customers. The goal is to satisfy customer/client needs at a profit. Your company can only benefit from a strong customer service culture. Some of the benefits include of our customer service training:

  • Satisfied customers are converted to loyal customers.
  • Excellent customer service can lead to more sales from existing customers.
  • Your customers become advocates, creating word of mouth advertising.
  • A customer service focused company has reduced employee turnover.
  • Customer service increases revenue.
  • And, much more.
Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken, the creator of The Customer Focus programs, has been working with companies in the area of customer service, customer experience and customer loyalty since 1983. It has taken years to develop the content that goes into The Customer Focus programs. The concepts, strategies and exercises are facilitated by professional trainers that have been approved to present the programs. The Customer Focus is a process that will require the commitment and dedication of every employee in a company.  And now the program is available in an online, web-based interactive program, bringing customer service training to any computer, at anytime – anywhere in the world.

Learn more about what The Customer Focus is all about. Or, call us at (314) 692-2200 and have a short conversation with us. Within ten minutes we will determine if The Customer Focus program is right for you and/or your organization.