What is The Customer Focus™?

The Customer Focus™ (TCF) is a power customer service training course that comes in the form of live workshops and seminars, as well as online or virtual customer service training.

Whether you bring in one of our approved customer service trainers or engage in the online customer service course, the TCF programs have similar results; to create and sustain a culture that gets every employee to recognize the value of providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.

The success of the TCF program is based on continuity of information flowing to the participant over an extended period of time. Even after the course is completed, there are ongoing activates (simple, yet effective exercises and homework) to keep employees engaged and focused on creating amazing customer service.

Following all of our customer service courses, there will be at least six months of weekly tips and articles that reinforce the overall message of customer and internal service. In addition, we can help you create a simple program that recognizes participation and success. This gives longevity to the program and the feeling that even though the workshop, seminar or course is over, the customer service training continues.

  • Throughout the sessions the participants will learn to understand their role in the company’s overall customer service and customer loyalty strategy. They will completely understand how their department and individual responsibilities impact the customer (both the outside and internal customer).
  • Participants will become aware of the many opportunities they have to make positive impressions (Moments of Magic®) with both their outside and internal customers.
  • Participants will learn to enhance the experience that both customers and fellow employees have with the company.
  • One of the by-products of the TCF sessions is a stronger sense of teamwork and cooperation between employees and departments.
  • Participants will develop a mindset that will help solve problems and complaints for both internal and external customers. They will help save defecting customers as they learn how to turn Moments of Misery® into Moments of Magic™.
  • The bottom line is that participants will, through specific techniques and awareness, help to raise the bar on the company’s overall customer service strategies. The program will help create and sustain a culture that gets every employee to recognize the value of providing excellent service to both internal and external customers. This is customer service training at its best!

The Customer Focus™ Customer Service Training Options Are:

Live Training: Our trainers are some of the very best in the business. They will work with you to customize a customer service training program that will meet and exceed your goals. For more information about TCF live training click here.

Online Training: The Customer Focus™ Online brings the very best concepts of our customer service training to the participant’s computer. Through interactive videos, workbook exercises and online quizzes, participants learn important customers service strategies, tactics and tips that will help take their customer service and communication skills to a higher level.  For more information about TCF online click here.

Contact us to learn more about our customer service training, workshops and seminars.  Or, call us at (314) 692-2200 and have a short conversation with us. Within ten minutes we will determine if The Customer Focus™ is right for you and your organization.