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Featuring our online/virtual customer service training for companies who want to create a stronger service culture that builds loyal relationships with customers and a better environment for employees.

As a member of ICSA, you will receive a 20% discount off individually purchased programs. Please enter the promo code ICSA in the Special Code: box in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Be sure you hit apply to see the effects of the discount.

For those who are purchasing for a group, please contact us directly at info@thecustomerfocus.com to get a price quote that will include the ICSA discount over the additional discounts we already offer on group licenses, make sure to mention you are an ICSA member.

The Customer Focus™ virtual training program   


(Regular Price $199 yr – ICSA Price $159.20)

This program consists of four courses with a total of 23 chapters. The training starts with an introduction to amazement, including my famous cab story, and then moves to ways to create an amazing customer experience by seizing the moment, transforming the moment and improving the moment.    

Amaze Every Customer Every Time


(Regular Price $199 yr – ICSA Price $159.20)

Based on Shep’s bestselling book, Amaze Every Customer Every Time. This training includes the 52 best practices, tactics and strategies about how to deliver the most amazing customer service. These 52 tools are categorized into five elements: leadership, culture, one-on-one interaction, a desire to create and sustain a competitive edge, and a willingness to contribute to the community.

Five Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Service Experience  


    (Regular Price $49 yr – ICSA Price $39.20)

Kick off your customer service training initiative with this short, 20-minute course that will introduce your team to Shep Hyken and his philosophy on customer service. Shep explains five simple ways you can start creating the customer service culture you desire.

The Package – Get Customer Focused, Be Amazing, and Create an Amazing Customer Service Experience  

(Regular Price $299 yr – ICSA Price $239.20)

Take both The Customer Focus™ and Amaze Every Customer Every time to receive a 50% discount on the second training; plus we’ll give you 5 Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Service Experience at no additional charge! That’s a $447 value for just $299! Then take another 20% off for your ICSA membership, which brings the price to $239!

Six Steps to Creating a Customer-Focused Culture     


(Regular Price $99 yr – ICSA Price $79.20)

This short (40-50 minute) program is designed for leadership/management. Customer service starts from the top down. If you want your employees to deliver amazing customer service, you must treat them the way you want them to treat your customers – maybe even better! This course will give you six definitive steps you can take as a leader in your organization, to create the customer service culture you envision.

Managing Angry Customers and Handling Customer Complaints


(Regular Price $199 yr – ICSA Price $159.20)

We all have to deal with a difficult customer at some point. This course will give you more confidence about handling difficult and delicate customer situations. The course provides various tips and tactics that will help diffuse challenging situations with customers.

Corporate License

inquire now  (Additional Discounts Available)

Offering substantial discounts for corporate licenses, this option is an economical way to bring customer service training to potentially everyone in an organization that will create a stronger customer service culture, building both loyal relationships with customers and a better environment for employees. Pricing is based on the number of participants and locations. Be sure to mention your ICSA membership to get additional discounts!



If you would like more information you may also visit our website www.shepondemand.com. Make sure to include the promo code ICSA and click apply to receive your ICSA discount at checkout.

If you need more information on individual or group licenses or have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 314-692-2200. Our hours are Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm CST.


Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken, the creator of The Customer Focus programs, has been working with companies in the area of customer service, customer experience and customer loyalty since 1983. It has taken years to develop the content that goes into The Customer Focus programs. The concepts, strategies and exercises are facilitated by professional trainers that have been approved to present the programs. The Customer Focus is a process that will require the commitment and dedication of every employee in a company.  And now the program is available in an online, web-based interactive program, bringing customer service training to any computer, at anytime – anywhere in the world.