The Customer Focus™ Options

The Customer Focus™ Corporate Series is a series of four half-day customer service training workshops that are presented approximately every four to six weeks.

The concept of four workshops, spread out over an extended period of time, helps to put the customer service strategies into action and create a culture of customer service and loyalty. This program takes customer service training to the highest level.

The Customer Focus™ One Day Workshop brings the best of the four-part corporate series to a company for a full-day of customer service training, learning and workshop exercises that are designed to focus on building loyal relationships with customers and a better environment for employees. These programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The Customer Focus™ In a Box is a corporate “in house” facilitated program for those that would rather conduct their own customer service training. A comprehensive Focus Guide is provided for a facilitator/trainer to take all participants through the concepts, strategies and exercises. All collateral materials, which include workbooks, audio CD’s, books and more are included.

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