Other Resources

Below are some additional resources that may be of interest. Keep in mind that we cannot officially recommend these sites until we talk to you and completely understand your needs. Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to be on this list. Our number is (314) 692-2200.

Professional Speakers and Related Products/Services

Mark Sanborn on leadership: www.marksanborn.com

Scott Friedman on humor: www.funnyscott.com

Scott McKain has a great program called, “All Businss Is Show Business” – and he’s right: www.scottmckain.com

Mark LeBlanc works with people and companies who want to grow their business and sell more products/services: www.markleblanc.com

Mark Mayfield on humor- one of the funniest speakers I know: www.markmayfield.com

Sam Silverstein has a program called No More Excuses: www.samsilverstein.com

Dr. Tony Alessandra speaks on behavioral styles. One of the best speakers you will hear: www.alessandra.com

Customer Service Training Video from Engaging Training Inspirational Speaker Tim Richardson speaks on wealth building and creating “real” richness. Read his list of “The Richest People In America” at www.TheRichestPeopleInAmerica.com.


www.ebay.com. There isn’t a better place to find just about anything. I’ve bought phone systems, artwork, music, birthday presents and much more. This isn’t just for buying used stuff.

Jump On Deals is a site to find coupons and specials from many different online stores. You never know what you’ll find on any given day: www.jumpondeals.com

References and Research

The Ezine Directory lists 2,000+ of the best ezines available on the internet today: www.ezinelisting.com

Hoovers Online is one of the best resources for learning about companies and business. www.hoovers.com